Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis

Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (FESEM) - Funded by NSF-MRI Program

JEOL 7800F with

    • Principal Resolution 1.0nm at 15kV
      0.8nm at 15 kV (GB mode)
      1.5nm at 1.0kV
      1.2nm at 1.0kV (GB mode)
      3.0nm at 0.1kV (GB mode)
      Analytical Resolution 3.0nm at 15kV (5nA)
      Accelerating voltage: 0.01 to 30kV
      Beam Current Range: 1pA to >/= 200nA at 15kV
      Magnification Range: 25X to 1,000,000X (at 4x5 print size)
    • Short Working Distance Retractable Solid-State Backscatter Detector (SRBE) – Composition (Z-contrast), Crystal Orientation, Topography
    • Scanning Transmission Electron Detector (STEM) Detector (0.8 nm resolution at 30kV)
    • Energy-Dispersive X-ray Spectroscopy