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This award from the Human Resources Development (Engineering) at the National Science Foundation supports a Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Site at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), which is dedicated to nanomaterials for energy and biological applications.

Annually, this site will provide 10 undergraduate students with a unique and immersive 10-week research experience infused with training and professional development programming. Nanotechnology represents an exciting and multidisciplinary topic at the forefront of discovery-based science, and is well-suited to accommodate undergraduate researchers from a broad range of STEM disciplines.

At IUPUI, the Integrated Nanosystems Development Institute (INDI) provides a collaborative environment where undergraduates will be challenged with nanomaterials research projects ranging from advanced biology to energy storage and generation. Faculty mentors within INDI span the Schools of Engineering & Technology, Science, Medicine, and Dentistry. This collaborative atmosphere not only encourages broad thinking and deep learning, but also showcases the breadth of nanotechnology while enhancing communication skills, problem solving, and students’ ability to work within a diverse community of researchers. With the goal of offering a research-based summer program designed to instill students with the confidence and resources to pursue and excel in future advanced degree programs and professional careers, the REU-site focuses on engagement that combines cutting-edge science with workshops that range from public speaking and career options to graduate school admissions and GRE preparation.

Point-of-contact for student applicants: Dr. Mangilal Agarwal, (317) 278-9792,