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Courses for Graduate and Senior Undergraduate Students

Nanosystems Principles
(ECE 595, ME 597, BME 595, CHEM 696, PHY 570) - offered every Fall

This course introduces students to the principles and applications of nanosystems, including: nanoscale materials, processes, and devices. It also provides students with a basic understanding of the tools and approaches that are used for the measurement and characterization of nanosystems and for their modeling and simulation. Moreover, the course covers the applications of nanosystems in a wide range of industries: information technology, energy, medicine, and consumer goods.

Integrated Nanosystems Processes & Devices
ECE 595, ME 597, BME 595, CHEM 696, PHY 570) - offered every Spring

This course introdces students to processes and devices associated with integrated nanosystems. “Integrated nanosystems” refers to systems which consist of integrated micro-, meso-, and/or macro-scale parts, and their core components in nano-scale materials, processes, and devices. The course focuses on the theory and operation of select electronics, electromechanical, and biomedical devices which are used for information technology, sensing, medical, and other applications. The lectures will be complemented by hands-on laboratory experience.